Training Programmes

Helen provides coaching skills training programmes for businesses looking to upskill their in-house coaches/ people who may coach as part of their role.

Each of Helen’s training programmes is uniquely designed for the business requesting it. Quality training requires a bespoke approach, as a result there are no ‘off-the-shelf’ coaching courses available. Instead, Helen will work with your organisation to assess exactly what your requirements are, before offering you a variety of options to select from. This consultative process enables Helen to build a relationship with each of her clients and provide a truly valuable, high-impact, high-quality solution.

Training programmes range from three hours to five days, depending on your organisation’s needs. Training can be tailored for different levels of coaching experience.

Example content includes: The foundations of coaching; transactional analysis; emotional intelligence; the GROW coaching model; active listening; mental health awareness; the ARROW coaching model; situational leadership; vocal communication skills; personality theory; motivation theory; change theory; cognitive behavioural therapy; cognitive bias; mindfulness and habit forming.

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