Client Testimonials

”Helen creates a warm, friendly and open environment. After each session I had a new set of techniques and skills that could be used in day to day work situations”.

Nicola, Regional Head of Support


”Helen goes above and beyond in what she does. The passion, enthusiasm and energy she puts in to her work is amazing. She is very approachable and the “go-to” person when I need any coaching for personal development. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field”.

Amina, Market Data Executive


”Helen is an accomplished coach, with particular skills in behavioural psychology. She employs a wide range of techniques to encourage you to think critically and/or creatively. She is poised and firm. She commands respect, often from very senior clients within my organisation. Helen is an excellent listener and a quick study. She is eager to understand how she can work to bring the most value to the coaching engagement. Helen is a fun, yet serious and talented person to work with”.

Steve, Communications Manager


”I approached Helen for some executive coaching, as I was selected for consultancy at work and I needed to improve some of my personal skills to ensure I was as ready as I could possibly be. Helen spent time understanding exactly what it was I required and tailored her approach to match my needs. Helen was always very engaging, energetic and enthusiastic and always went above and beyond to help. The skills Helen has taught me will stay with me throughout my career. Thanks Helen”.

Michael, Service Delivery Engineer


”As a conscientious, tenacious, and intelligent individual, Helen is the perfect person to work with. Her deep, varied skillset provides an edge to projects and initiatives which is difficult to top. Her support and high standards augment and elevate a team considerably. Having received training from Helen, I can attest that her professionalism, personability, and genuine curiosity is consistent with a well-rounded top-performer. Whether delivering training, consulting, or managing global schemes, the level of service, knowledge, and utility she provides is practically unrivalled within the industry. Helen’s strengths come from her drive, vision, and her desire to dig deeper. This manifests itself in a team player that leads by example, navigating subtle nuance and pitfalls with a cool head and a keen, experienced eye. Her superior work ethic lays the foundation for strong relationships and outstanding output of exceptional quality”.

Jacob, Learning and Development Consultant


”Helen Haynes is an inspiring individual who is extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise. She is clearly passionate about her work and her enthusiasm for her job makes her a very engaging coach. I have often asked for Helen’s advice/coaching when dealing with sensitive issues around personal development, she is always happy to help in these cases and has never failed to help me order my thoughts and come to a satisfying resolution”.

Stephen, Senior Manager


”Helen is an excellent coach. She used techniques from different disciplines to understand and develop me. She cares passionately about applying psychology to the professional world, and bases her coaching on scientifically proven principles”.

Flora, Learning and Development Consultant



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