Executive Coaching

Executive coaching provides a safe and confidential space for business professionals to identify and address areas for performance improvement. Business professionals require executive coaches in the same way that top-performing elite athletes require sports coaches. Some examples of when executive coaching may be required include:

  • A promotion, such as transitioning to a people management or leadership role with greater responsibilities and different pressures/ key performance indicators
  • During a time of organisational change or uncertainty, such as a restructure or acquisition
  • To improve general confidence and assertiveness
  • To push performance to the next level, going from ‘good’ to ‘exceptional’
  • For members of an operating board who have experienced rapid business growth followed by stagnation
  • To address a specific behaviour or performance improvement area, such as communication skills, anger management or emotional intelligence in the workplace

Helen will provide executive coaching in your office space. Alternatively an off-site venue can be arranged.