Top 3 wellbeing tips – Jan

1. Buy a notebook. Invest in one you really like (be it the pattern, style, feel etc.). Use this notebook to write down what you are grateful for, what makes you smile and/or what you have learnt. Try to aim for one thing per day. They don’t have to be big things and you can repeat yourself. Here are some examples from my own book this week:

  • The sunshine on my face whilst out walking made me smile
  • Sleepy cuddles with my baby girl, post-nap
  • A really crunchy, sweet apple made me surprisingly happy (it’s the little things)!
  • I learnt the parenting hack ‘let’s do teamwork’ (life saver with toddlers)
  • Grateful to have such amazing friends in my life
  • The sunset over the river this evening was incredible

There are some books on the market that set out a template for you, such as this, but to be honest any notebook will do.

2. Think of food as fuel. We are essentially highly complex, intelligent, emotional machines who need fuel to function. The better the fuel, the higher the performance (mental and physical). This doesn’t mean you can’t have sugar or carbs, it just means think about what you’re having and whether that will give you the desired outcome. For example, if I am hoping to have a highly productive day (in the office, doing housework or at the gym) I will choose the best fuel possible to achieve the energy levels required. In my case, I know that refined sugar does not equal a productive day!

It’s not for everyone but I sometimes enjoy Huel for lunch when I’m out and about, this way I know I’m getting the best fuel whilst I’m working.

3. Spend 10 minutes per day out walking in the sun. Obviously this can be longer, but try to get out for at least 10 minutes. It doesn’t matter how fast you walk, or how far you go. If possible, walk somewhere with trees, water, flowers or grass. Even on a grey day the light on your face, combined with the movement, will boost your mental and physical health.

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